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Ground Continuity Testers And Earth Continuity Tester

230V AC, ± 10%, 50 Hz
Resistance Measurement Range
0 to 200 milli Ohm
Typical Test Current
30 A ± 0.15% AC, (Test current severity may be changed on request )
Open circuit voltage:
8V, AC
Acceptable setting
By press to set switch & potentiometer, using digital milli Ohm meter
Programmable Timer
1 to 60 sec
3 1/2 digit Digital V, A and milli Ohm meter
V : 1.5% of reading, A : 1.5% of reading
m Ω : 1.5% of reading ± 5 dgt
Trip, Test On, Test OFF
• High current crocodile wire/Test probe.
• The Ground /Earth continuity tester works on test current of sinusoidal waveform. The typical test current severity is 30A.
• Meters indicate test current, voltage drop across the ground path and mΩ resistance of ground path.
• Unit as 3 1/2 digit Digital Voltmeter, Ammeter and milli Ohm meter
• LEDs are used to indicate the Test Pass and for Test Fail
• Power ON / OFF by toggle switch