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Variable Voltage / Current Variable Frequency Tester

Typical Technical Specification
Output Voltage Range: Single Phase or 3 Phase 0 to 440 V (for Voltage Source)
Output Current Source 0 to 1000 A (for Current Source)
Output Wattage 12 kVA
Frequency Range 40 to 1000 Hz
Total Harmonic Distortion Less than 1.25% for Precision Voltage and Current Source.
3.5% for Power sources
Stability 0.1% (After Warm-up)
Digital Meters 4 1/2 digit Voltage/Current, 4 digit Frequency
Protection Overload and short circuit
Operating Temperature 35 +/- 100C
Line / Load Regulation 0.25 % for (230 +/-10 %)
Variable voltage/current variable frequency source is used to simulate mains conditions of different countries. Also it is used for verifying frequency response of power devices, frequency relays and components. Variable current variable frequency source are used for checking current transformers.