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High Voltage Breakdown Testers


These products are known by other names like Hi Pot Testers, Voltage Withstand Capability Testers or simply High Voltage Testers also. Designed with better features and accuracy, our offered range of Breakdown Tester is meant for testing the electrical insulation ability and electric strength.†ZEAL make testers are ideal for performing high voltage breakdown tests in production, in the laboratory, and for type approvals also. The tester†of this category is robustly designed. Standard accessories of the tester include HV test probe, fully insulated crocodile clip & mains cord

Typical Technical Specification  
Make Zeal
Input Power 230 VAC, 50 Hz / 110 VAC, 60 Hz
Control Test voltage setting by knob of variac,
Leakage Current can be set by using Potentiometer & Press to set switch on mA Meter
Timer 999 Seconds ( High Voltage will be available only for the programmed duration )
Features • Audio/Visual alarm when HV ON & OFF.
• Test ON/OFF switch to start or interrupt test.
• HV is removed whenever leakage current exceeds than the set value.
• LED indication for Trip / Leakage.
Metering 3½ Digit 7 Segment Display
Accuracy For kV : ± 2% FS ± 6 digit, For mA : ±1.5 % reading ± 2 dgt, Timer : 0.5 Seconds

AC High Voltage Breakdown Tester

Range Model Range Model
5kV/10mA ZMHV5A-10 20kV/20mA ZMHV20A-20
5kV/20mA ZMHV5A-20 20kV/30mA ZMHV20A-30
5kV/30mA ZMHV5A-30 20kV/50mA ZMHV20A-50
5kV/50mA ZMHV5A-50 20kV/100mA ZMHV20A-100
5kV/100mA ZMHV5A-100 20kV/500mA ZMHV20A-500
5kV/500mA ZMHV5A-500 30kV/20mA ZMHV30A-20
10kV/20mA ZMHV10A-20 30kV/30mA ZMHV30A-30
10kV/30mA ZMHV10A-30 30kV/50mA ZMHV30A-50
10kV/50mA ZMHV10A-50 30kV/100mA ZMHV30A-100
10kV/100mA ZMHV10A-100 30kV/500mA ZMHV30A-500

DC High Voltage Breakdown Tester

Range Model Range Model
5kV/10mA ZMHV5D-10 20kV/20mA ZMHV20D-20
5kV/20mA ZMHV5D-20 20kV/30mA ZMHV20D-30
5kV/30mA ZMHV5D-30 20kV/50mA ZMHV20D-50
5kV/50mA ZMHV5D-50 20kV/100mA ZMHV20D-100
5kV/100mA ZMHV5D-100 20kV/500mA ZMHV20D-500
5kV/500mA ZMHV5D-500 30kV/20mA ZMHV30D-20
10kV/20mA ZMHV10D-20 30kV/30mA ZMHV30D-30
10kV/30mA ZMHV10D-30 30kV/50mA ZMHV30D-50
10kV/50mA ZMHV10D-50 30kV/100mA ZMHV30D-100
10kV/100mA ZMHV10D-100 30kV/500mA ZMHV30D-500

AC / DC High Voltage Breakdown Tester

Range Model Range Model
5kV/10mA ZMHV5A5D-10 20kV/20mA ZMHV20A20D-20
5kV/20mA ZMHV5A5D-20 20kV/30mA ZMHV20A20D-30
5kV/30mA ZMHV5A5D-30 20kV/50mA ZMHV20A20D-50
5kV/50mA ZMHV5A5D-50 20kV/100mA ZMHV20A20D-100
5kV/100mA ZMHV5A5D-100 20kV/500mA ZMHV20A20D-500
5kV/500mA ZMHV5A5D-500 30kV/20mA ZMHV30A30D-20
10kV/20mA ZMHV10A10D-20 30kV/30mA ZMHV30A30D-30
10kV/30mA ZMHV10A10D-30 30kV/50mA ZMHV30A30D-50
10kV/50mA ZMHV10A10D-50 30kV/100mA ZMHV30A30D-100
10kV/100mA ZMHV10A10D-100 50kV/2mA ZMHV50A50D-02